Our Story


Revolution (noun):
a dramatic and wide-reaching change in the way something works or is organized or in people’s ideas about it.

We are a mother daughter team on a mission to reduce single use plastic pollution and to empower others to join in this effort. Our vision is a total shift in human behavior that creates a global movement toward a single use plastic free future. The science is clear, plastic pollution is devastating ecosystems, wildlife and human health. Studies show if we continue our current production and consumption of single use plastics that by the year 2050 there will be more plastic than fish in the ocean!

In 2013 we started a plastic bag ban campaign in our small mountain town, Ridgway, Colorado, to educate about the dangers of plastics. Our efforts were aimed to help our community understand the plastic pollution problem, to instill a personal responsibility toward reducing plastic waste, and to eliminate the distribution of single use plastic bags in our town. After years of community outreach and promoting the use of reusable products, the Ridgway Town Council passed a comprehensive plastic bag ban ordinance in 2018.

We believe the new normal should be a personal responsibility to always carry reusable products. Carry On Reusables was created to be a solution to single use plastic pollution and to help people make the shift toward this new normal. We hope to inspire dramatic and wide-reaching change in the way we expect convenience and in our global responsibility to act to eliminate single use trash. We locally manufacture a zero-waste kit bag made of recycled materials (banner, climbing rope, bike tubes) and fill it with quality reusable products to make the move away from single use products easier.

This is a Reusable Revolution.
Feel it. Believe It. Join It.
Deidra, Willow and Indigo Krois
Ridgway, Colorado

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Click play below to listen to the interview we did with KVNF about our Ridgway Bag Ban campaign that was an inspiration for Carry On Reusables: